Henry Harper Rogers II

4616 Yates Mill Pond Road, Raleigh, NC 27606 USA
919.760.0647 •


SugarCRM, Inc. • Cupertino, CA • July 2012 to present

Information Visualization Lead Engineer
As lead developer for the core business charting library, I work with product managers and engineering staff to design and implement enhanced information visualization and reporting features for the Sugar Customer Relationship Management (CRM) web and mobile applications.

  • developing a chart image generation microservice for embedding PNGs in scheduled PDF reports that implements open source API standards (Swagger, Protobuf, gRPC, Docker, k8s)
  • designed and developed the Sucrose charting library for Sugar7 web and mobile applications (D3)
  • open sourced the charting library as an NPM package utilizing ES6 module bundling (
  • designed, prototyped and implemented chart drill through capability for reports and chart dashlets
  • produced wireframes and interactive demos for reporting and data visualization concepts (Invision)

Senior Javascript UI Engineer
As the lead developer in UIUX and then as an Engineering Agile team member, I develop and improve UI components in a complex MVC web application. I also provide technical web development solutions across engineering, support, professional services, marketing and sales departments.

  • translated a UI design into a CSS framework for a complete redesign of Sugar7 (Bootstrap, LESS)
  • engineered CSS optimizations by developing a unit test framework and metric reporting tools
  • worked across teams supporting the application of the CSS framework in Javascript UI components
  • coordinated and developed improvements in core application accessibility
  • employee core values award


  • Universal Rebranding Engine
    Issued Jun 6, 2016 - US 9672197
  • Décomposition et Séquençage de Graphiques Pour Dispositifs à Affichage Limite
    Issued May 6, 2015 - FR FR3020155
  • Persistent Tracking Of A Work Space Arrangement Of A Crm Application Through A Web Browser
    Filed Apr 22, 2015 - US 20160313880
  • Customer Lifecycle Visualization Tool
    Filed Apr 19, 2015 - US 20160307219
  • Sankey Assisted Business Opportunity Task Assignment In A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution
    Filed Aug 26, 2014 - US 20160063409
  • Chart Decomposition And Sequencing For Limited Display Devices
    Filed Apr 18, 2014 - US 20150302619

SRA International • Research Triangle Park, NC • 2010 to July 2012

Senior Software Engineer • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Worked closely with senior research staff and scrum team members to engineer, develop and maintain institute and departmental web applications and data management systems.

  • enhanced the UX of a science impacts tracking application including advanced UI and reporting components (Adobe Flex)
  • implemented an interactive CIO dashboard for visualizing and reporting on key performance metrics as part of a small team of staff and consultants (Cognos 8)
  • developed a project research and disease categorization reporting application as an integrated project data management web application (Cognos 8, Pentaho ETL, ColdFusion 9, Oracle 10g)
  • employed interface-flow diagrams and interactive UI mockups as an integral part of the web application design process (Balsamiq)
  • developed custom Javascript UI components and code libraries to extend highly interactive UI designs from semantic HTML (jQuery)
  • provided technical consulting in web analytics and conducted historical data analysis in support of the project team (Analog, Python, WebTrends)
  • performed an institute-wide Subversion server upgrade with LDAP authentication and a two-way integration with a JIRA issue ticket tracking system (Bash, Python)

RTI International • Research Triangle Park, NC • 2000 to 2010

Research Programmer/Analyst • Office of Communications
Successfully developed and integrated institute-wide information systems on the intranet and extranet, in collaboration with departmental managers and technical staff.

  • large document collection, online data repository and website indexing and search services with multilingual support and REST interfaces
  • email list service integration with the marketing content management system (SOAP, Lyris)
  • digital asset management for use by corporate photographers (Canto Cumulus)
  • web analytics and SEO optimization (WebTrends, Google Analytics)
  • integrated e-commerce gateways with internal transaction processing finance systems (PayPal)
  • provided mentoring to junior developers and technical assistance to cross-departmental teams
  • informational kiosks with remote content updating

Webmaster and Lead Developer • External Marketing Website
Developed and maintained the external marketing website ( as the Office of Communications' lead programmer and analyst including all web application programming and UI engineering in close consultation with the web management team.

  • architected and implemented content management systems
  • developed information visualizations, social media sharing tools, and web analytics
  • analyzed taxonomies and information architectures in a complex content ecosystem
  • syndicated corporate content across internal and external channels (RSS, SOAP, REST)
  • integrated corporate data resources to create rich internet applications
  • launched multiple site redesign cycles as lead programmer
  • translated and adapted visual designs throughout all content templates
  • applied corporate graphic design standards across all web projects
  • programmed and analyzed marketing/SEO and customer survey campaigns

Technical Project Manager • RTI Publications Database
Programmed and managed a research publication reference information management system in collaboration with communication team members.

  • automated diverse data mapping processes including imports from PubMed (Reference Manager)
  • implemented multiple public and private access portals, publication bulletins and email newsletters
  • coordinated technical development team, cross-functional planning groups and consultant services
  • developed information architectures, research ontologies and knowledge management applications

NC Solar Center, NC State University • Raleigh, NC • 1993 to 2000

Policy Analyst • National Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy
Managed a Department of Energy funded project to research and promote all utility, state and local government renewable energy incentives, loans and grants.

  • oversaw the research, analysis and authoring of two staff policy researchers
  • presented policy research papers at national renewable energy conferences
  • researched and documented policies through multiphase surveys and online research
  • produced comprehensive national reports for consumers and industry
  • developed a public online policy website for policy search, summary data and resource links

Solar Energy Extension Specialist • Passive Solar Buildings Program
Performed public outreach and professional education in passive solar architecture, environmental building design, green building technology, energy analysis and daylighting simulation.

  • programmed the Center's first information website and developed intranet information databases
  • coordinated statewide seminars and solar home tours
  • led professional training workshops and produced technical publications
  • facilitated conferences in cooperation with local, state and national professional organizations and the agriculture and industrial extension services

Program Manager • Energy Efficient Affordable Housing Program

  • edited construction specifications, designed home plans, and produced homeowner information kits
  • organized affordable home energy efficiency construction training events for volunteer organizations and local agencies

Innovative Design, Inc • Raleigh, NC • 1986 to 1992

Project Manager, Designer & Energy Analyst

  • designed, drafted and managed various solar energy, residential and commercial projects
  • conducted the simulation and analysis of thermal energy conservation and daylighting strategies for educational facilities

US Army Corps of Engineers • Heilbronn, Germany • 1980 to 1983

Sergeant • 237th Combat Engineer Battalion, 7th Brigade, 7th Army, USAREUR

  • Squad Leader, Battalion Courier, US Army Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal


eDx • Online Courses • 2015 to present

  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python - Verified certificate from MITx
  • Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark - Verified certificate from UC Berkeley

NC State University • Raleigh, NC • 1984 to 1989

Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture • College of Design

  • Arcosanti Scholarship - construction workshop in Prescott, Arizona
  • Pella Prize for Foreign Study - design studio in Lefkosia, Northern Cyprus

North Carolina Outward Bound • Morganton, NC • 1980



Web Application Development • Information Visualization • JavaScript UI Development • User Interface Engineering • User Experience • Visual Design • 3D Modeling • Art & Design • CSS Frameworks • MVC Design Patterns • API Design • Process Modeling • Data Migration • Enterprise Application Integration • Content Management Systems • Search Technologies • Business Intelligence • Mobile Application Development • Open Source Software • Agile Methodologies • Scrum • Test Driven Development


HTML5 • JS • CSS • PHP • LESS • D3 • Git • ES6 • NPM • MVC • OOP • ORM • P3 • R • API • JSON • RPC • XML/SLT • RDF • RSS • g11n • i18n • l10n • t9n • a11y • CLDR • Bash • Makefile • Python • Flex • Java • SQL • NoSQL • RDMS • ETL • SOAP • REST • MacOS/Linux/Windows • VM • LAMP • YAML • CANVAS • UML • W3C • Chrome Dev Tools


Adobe Acrobat • Adobe ColdFusion • Adobe Creative Suite • Analog • Apache Cordova • Apache Spark • Apache Tomcat • Atlassian Jira • Atlassian Confluence • Backbone • Balsamiq • Bootstrap • Canto Cumulus • Docker • Elasticsearch • FusionMaps • Github • Google Analytics • Google Web Apps • Handlebars • Heroku • IBM Cognos Framework Manager and Report Studio • Invision • Jasmine • Jetty • Jira • jQuery • Lyris ListManager • Microsoft Office • MongoDB • MySQL • Nightmare • Node • Oracle • Pentaho ETL • Postman • Processing 3 • Protobuf • Puppeteer • Reference Manager • Selenium • SugarCRM • Swagger • Tape • Three.js • Underscore • Webinator • WebTrends • WordPress • XMind